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Africana Aloe Vera Soap with Lemon Oil 140gm.

العلامة التجارية: Africana NPC Brand:
  • Africana Aloe Vera Soap with Lemon Oil 140gm.
  • It mainly consists of aloe vera gel that is beneficial for the skin and hair. Because it contains
    high levels of vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals and essential elements such as sodium, selenium, magnesium, and zinc, and many amino acids and sugars.
  • Aloe vera extract helps effectively reduce wrinkles , and it also helps renew skin cells.
  • It gives the skin hydration, softness, freshness and vitality because it contains essential
    vitamins E, C for skin nourishments.
  • The presence of lemon that contains vitamin C and citric acid, which are essential in
    removing dead skin and thus reducing pigmentation and lightening the skin significantly.
  • It regulates oily secretions in the skin so it reduces the appearance of acne and pimples and
    because it contains antioxidants and anti bacteria.
  • Helps decrease large pores.
  • Helps get rid of dark circles around the eyes.
  • It can be used in all parts of the body as deodorant.
  • Suitable for all family members.

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