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Hathor Hand Sanitizer Orange Blossom 75ml.

العلامة التجارية: HATHOR Brand:
  • Hathor Hand Sanitizer Orange Blossom 75ml.
  • The increased use of hand sanitizer due to COVID-19 has led to more people suffering from dry skin, psoriasis, and even eczema.
  • Most hand sanitizers are too harsh and kill all the important things your skin needs to stay healthy, along with harmful bacteria.
  •  Hathor has created a versatile hand sanitiser that kills 99% of germs while keeping hands hydrated and safe.
  • It’s derived from sugar cane alcohol, and infused with pure aloe Vera, coconut, and lavender extracts.
  • Our no-rinse, soft-smelling antibacterial spray doesn’t leave a sticky mess.
  • Our gentle, plant-based formula is great for all skin types.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free and free from allergens and dyes, it’s perfect for adults and kids while on the go.

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