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Africana Oil Coconut Extra Virgin.

العلامة التجارية: Africana NPC Brand:
  • Africana Oil Coconut Extra Virgin.
  • Coconut Oil extra virgin for hair and nail.
  • Extracted from coconut fruits Contains lot of fatty acids and Proteins so have health and beauty
    benefits for hair and nail.
    For Skin :
  • Strong moisturizer for skin and lips.
  • Has anti-septic effect.
  • Used as makeup remover.
  • Maintains skin moisture and treats cracks.
  • Topical natural antibiotic so treat grains and prevent their appearance Remove deed.
  • layers of the skin so has anti pigment effect Has anti Inflammatory and ant itchiness
    For Hair :
  • Decrease protein loss of hair.
  • Deep moisture hair as long as possible.
  • Act as leave in conditioner for hair.
  • Has anti-dandruff effect.
  • Repairs damaged hair and restores it is healthy appearance.
  • Suitable for protein and creatine treated hair and maintain it as long as possible.

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